The Brigham Galleries


Artists The Brigham Galleries Logo Portrait Artists Ernest Albert Urban Larsson Leslie Adams *
Juliette Aristides * William F. Macy Juliette Aristides * Daniela Astone
Jennifer Marlow John D. Bailey * John D. Bailey * Bryan Maycock Neilson Carlin * Mersad Berber Evelyn McFarlane Dennis Cheaney * Jan Brough Stan Moeller James Childs * Paul Brown Yuki Murata Daniel Geene * Brown & Stubbs Andrea NuttRichard Halstead * Dennis Cheaney * Marguerite S. Pearson Ted Seth Jacobs * Tim Coote Todd Reifers Linda Harris Reynolds * Hunter Eddy Adam Rhude Brandon Soloff *
John Evans Volney A. Richardson Martine Vaugel * Giacomo Favretto Laura Robb William Whitaker * Sean Forester Charles D. Robinson Jerry Weiss * Samuel L. Gerry Ramiro Sanchez
Jerry Weiss * HongNian Zhang * Laurie Goddard Henry Sandham William Welch

Daniel Graves Sallie Scruggs Nelson White * This artist also accepts commissions for portraits. Click here for more information on our portrait artists Emile A. Gruppe Eric Sloane Charles H. Woodbury Alexander T. Harrison Brandon Soloff * Toby Wright Gundula Jacobs Helena Sturtevant Curtis Jaunsen Joyce Washor The Florence Academy of Art Western Australian Aboriginal Art Early American Artists



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